Guide to Simple Online Marketing For Business

Helping Your Restaurant Be Flexible And Stay In Business…

With the current state of business on Kaua’i, local businesses have been forced to be flexible and adapt.

~ No more dine in options
~ Staff being laid off
~ Take out options only
~ Precautions needed in engaging with customers.
~ Revenue not as good as it was

We Can Help

What if your customers could order online?

You get the order and let them know when it’s ready for pickup. 

WATCH video below for more information 



Your customer is happy, you stay in business!

The video talks about “delivery” but this system can be used specifically for ONLINE ordering , pickup/takeout if you don’t offer delivery yet. ( I can help you set up delivery and show you how to get repeat business if you are interested in building your customer list during this pandemic)

What if we could eliminate the need to handle cash but keep your business going?

The online ordering system is free. You let me know you’d like to try it, I’ll create an account for you and you set it up.

**OPTIONAL: if you would like some help setting this help, let me know. 



The Best Part: FREE to set up and use if you don’t mind handling cash and credit cards from people’s hands

If you like the idea of having the food paid for before your make it to go, then this is for you. Easy to set up, easy to add to existing website (or create a new one if you don’t have one), easy for customers to order, easy to get the order right in your kitchen and YOU decide when it will be ready, easy to transition back to business as usual when things get better.

If you’d like to explore this no cost system now, complete the form below.
Please Include your name, email, phone and Business Name in the comments.
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  1. you complete the form above
  2. I get your info and create a free account for you
  3. you verify the email you receive from the system
  4. either you set up the account yourself OR, I can help
  5. Decide if you want to take payments online
  6. Share your new link via social channels, email, etc.

BONUS: we can help you create written fliers, bag fillers, giving people discounts on orders, asking them to join your mailing list, or specials for their subsequent orders.

CONTACT Me if you have questions!

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