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Motion Graphics

What are motion graphics?

Motion graphics are essentially ‘graphics with movement’. The emergence of the technique in the mid-20th century transformed the discipline of graphic design, which until then had centered on static graphics.

When talking about motion graphic design, creatives are referring to the combination of text and design elements set to motion.

Motion graphics animation doesn’t mean a full-blown animated film, like a Disney film with defined characters, plot and narrative arc. Instead, it generally refers to shorter pieces of animation that entertain or impart information. 3D motion graphics, for example, are prominently used in adverts.

Motion graphics grew in prominence during Hollywood’s post-war golden age, but it was the evolution of digital technology decades later which brought the discipline to a much wider audience of creators. Common examples include film and TV opening credits and advertising creative. (source)

Why Use Motion Graphics?

Motion naturally grabs attention, a response hardwired into our brains.

Platforms like Instagram and TikTok leverage this with video content. Our motion graphics, powered by Leonardo AI’s technology, can do the same for your business marketing.

Motion graphics are a proven way to capture attention and drive engagement. Let’s chat about how we can leverage this for your business. I’d love to chat about how we can tailor these graphics to your business’s needs and attract more clients.

The Following are some sample Motion Graphic Designs

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