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Sergeant Regina Floyd

In a past life, 1988-2008, this was me (the Brunette on the left).  In this picture,I was working as a patrol sergeant for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (2006-2008). 

I share this picture because I hope that it will help you understand how I came to be who I am today. 

You see, I got started in Law Enforcement at the age of just 23. Hired on as a 911 Operator answering non-emergency, and emergency calls.  At about 6 months on the job, I promoted to Communications Specialist (fancy word for dispatcher) and spent 10 years working in Communications. 

In 1998, after attending multiple classes to improve my chances of promotion as a civilian, 2 separate friends on the same day suggested I test for Police Officer. I learned that one officer was making at 5 years, what it took me 10 years to make in income. I was intrigued so I tested and I passed! 

I share this to share my background in public service.  No one gets into police work because they want more stress, or plan to become a millionaire. I liked helping people and that hasn’t changed. I no longer drive a black and white, wear a uniform or carry a badge, but I still like helping people. 

When my life changed forever!

In 2008, I was working graveyard patrol as a police sergeant, supervising 7-9 men and women.  I was living with my elderly mother to help care for her and raising a small child. I’d tuck my daughter in at night, make sure mom was all set and I’d leave for work about 9pm for a 10pm shift start.  8 am was end of shift and I’d drive home praying everything was ok at my house as I wasn’t sure who was watching who with a young child and an 80 year old at home together all night. 

In February of 2008, my mom got sick and while at the heart doctor, she was transported to the hospital for a heart problem. (they thought it was a mild heart attack). By March 2008, I had turned in my paperwork, retired March 26th, and walked away from a 6 figure income to not even 1/2 of that in retirement pension. (I left too young, and didn’t have 30 years on for a full pension)  

How My Marketing Career Got Started

Because leaving my job to care for a sick parent made NO financial sense, I was in debt up to my eyeballs and I needed to find a way to supplement my pension income.  This is when I got started in Network Marketing, Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.  I even sold stuff on Ebay, and did Mystery Shopping to help pay the bills. 

Fast Forward a few years – I finally realized that besides trying to make people join my business, I’d do better if I got back in service of others and help people (business owners) grow their business.  That’s where I am at today. 

The Struggle Is Real

I ended up caring for my mom for just 5 years. She passed away in 2013 and I was devastated.  Honestly, I don’t remember much of 2013 – it was a blur.  In 2015, I made a tough decision to sell everything I owned, put up my childhood home for rent, and moved to Kauai – yep, small island in the pacific ocean. 

I moved here not knowing anyone, but knowing I could make a difference here too.  My business was non existent, I had to build up a reputation again, and prove my value. 

Then Covid Hit in 2020!

I actually did ok for most of 2020. I was working with a local non profit and was able to get in on some grant money for CARES Act and paid my bills from August to December with grant work. 

2021 – everything dried up as business owners were figuring out how to survive. I had dropped my business to help this non profit, and when that ended, I had no business. 

What's Happening Today?

Since the, I’ve revamped how I help others with business. I’ve found new, more innovative strategies that work to help local business owners grow business without breaking the bank.  I’m offering courses and resources for those who’d rather do it themselves, or just flat out don’t have a marketing budget.  I’ve learned how to continue to pivot to grow business and help others do the same:  I’m still being of service to others! 

My favorite market to help is local churches. They never have enough people, or money to do everything they can for the Kingdom, but they keep at it. 

If’ you’d like to get to know me personally, FOLLOW me on Facebook @ReginaLFloyd and Instagram: @ReginaFloyd

UPDATE:  December 7, 2021 – I moved to Grecia Costa Rica. Although I live out of the country, my business still helps business owners located in the United States.  That’s the beauty of having a Global Business (and excellent Fiber Optic Internet) 😀 

Regina Floyd

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