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Google Review CardsIn today’s digital age, online reviews play a critical role in shaping a business’s reputation. As a business owner, you’ve probably encountered the frustration of dealing with spam reviews on your Facebook page. Or any business page for that matter.


Recently, I’ve been getting an unbelieve number of random reviews for my business page with links and information that have nothing to do with my business or page. 


These deceitful and misleading comments can harm your credibility and discourage potential customers.


With the right strategies in place, however, you can effectively combat erroneous reviews and safeguard your online reputation.

In this article, we will explore the issue of spam reviews on Facebook and provide actionable solutions, including leveraging Google reviews and utilizing review cards for business.

Understanding Spam Reviews:

This type of review refers to fraudulent or misleading reviews that are often posted to damage a business’s reputation. These reviews may come from competitors, disgruntled individuals, or even automated bots.


Recognizing the signs of spam reviews is crucial in order to address them effectively.


How to Identify Spam Reviews:

1. Repeated or generic content: Look out for reviews that use similar phrases or generic language, as this could indicate spam activity. Mine kept including someone’s name and contact info but was posted by another person.


2. Lack of detail: Genuine reviews often provide specific details about the customer’s experience. Conversely, spam reviews may be vague or lack any meaningful information. In my case, they had nothing to do with my business.


3. Sudden influx of negative reviews: If you notice a sudden surge in negative reviews within a short period, it could be a sign of a targeted spam attack. Fortunately, mine weren’t negative in nature, just not accurate and promoting something else. 

Spam Reviews Strategy

Strategies to Combat Spam Reviews:


1. Monitor and flag suspicious reviews: Regularly monitor your Facebook page and promptly flag any suspicious reviews. Facebook provides options to report and hide reviews that violate their community guidelines.


I did this and ultimately had to block the person, and then actually turn off the review feature on my page.  I’d rather send people to Google Business anyways.


2. Respond professionally: If you get an actual review about your actual business, be sure to engage with genuine negative reviews professionally and address their concerns. By showing your commitment to customer satisfaction, you can mitigate the impact of spam reviews.


3. Verify user accounts: Enable the option to require verification for users leaving reviews on your Facebook page. This can deter automated bots and reduce the chances of spam reviews. I found it easier to just shut this down, and focus on acquiring genuine Google reviews from clients.


4. Leverage Google reviews: Encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews on Google. Since Google reviews are considered more reliable and difficult to manipulate, they can counterbalance the impact of spam reviews on Facebook.


5. Utilize Google review cards for business: Take advantage of physical review cards that provide a direct link to your Google review page. Distribute these cards to customers and incentivize them to leave honest reviews.


This not only helps combat spam reviews but also boosts your online reputation on a trusted platform.

Google Review Cards


As a business owner, it’s essential to protect your online reputation from the negative impact of spam reviews. By understanding the nature of spam reviews and implementing the strategies mentioned above, you can effectively combat these deceptive tactics.


Leveraging Google reviews alongside Facebook can not only help counterbalance spam reviews but also strengthen your online presence.

Protect yourself by not letting spam reviews tarnish your hard-earned reputation; take proactive steps to safeguard your business and encourage genuine customer feedback.


Are you ready to take control of your online reputation?

Start by leveraging the power of Google reviews. Reach out to us today to learn more about how Google review cards for business can help you get more authentic and positive customer reviews.


Together, we can build a strong online presence that reflects the true value of your business.


To Your Success, 

Regina Floyd





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