On this page I wanted to share various tools and resources I have come across over my years in the industry.

No matter what your goal online, I hope to be of value to you in some way.  If you don't need help with online marketing services, it is my hope you'll find a tool here to help you increase your traffic, your customers, your sales, your business.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Prospect Rocket

I've been marketing online for years and until very recently, I was do or die Aweber.  I still like Aweber, but I found an even more powerful system with CRM, Scheduling, Voicemail, etc built in.

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unlimited downloads of PowerPoint Templates, Presentation Clipart Illustrations, and 3D Animations. Let us help you create stunning PowerPoint presentations by providing animated and static templates.

Strengthen your website with entertaining GIF, SWF, FLV and more animation formats as well as illustrations in PNG or JPEG format, all of which can be customized with your logo, message, and brand colors.

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Click Funnels

CREATE YOUR OWN FUNNELS - get rid of your Website

This has been an awesome tool for creating funnels and building my list for my business.  Click this here to take the 14 day trial and see if you like it.  Click Funnels 14 day Trial


This has been a huge resource and source for me in building my business. The training is incredible and if you are looking to learn how to prosper online, I recommend you get one or both of Russell Brunson's books

DotCom Secrets Book

Click here=>>Free DotCom Labs Funnel - 108 Split Tests Free Book 

Expert Secrets Book - FREE copy - click banner image below

Follow Up Funnels - 72 Hour Class <<= Click the link


Funnel Graffiti - how to get them to stick ( click image below)


More to come soon!