What's New With Instagram?

I attended an Instagram training recently where the instructor shared all the newest things going on and how to take advantage of them for business.

What’s going on with the new Instagram?

~#1. Business Instagram or Personal:

You can choose to have a business account instead of a personal account.  This offers a lot of extra features you might find very helpful should you decide to change.  One GOOD thing to note, if you don’t like it, you can change back right away
a.  you will need a Facebook Fan page to connect it to
b. Downside – you can’t have Instagram post to your profile, it goes to your page and this is one thing I didn’t like much
insights is moved

~ #2. Instagram videos have now gotten longer.

Used to be you could only have a 10-15 second video but NOW, you can upload and play 60 second videos.  I for one really like this feature. The shorter videos just didn’t seem to be much and reminded me too much of snapchat.

~ #3. You can now managed up to 5 accounts on one account. This may not be new, but it was new to me.

~ #4. Instagram has changed it’s logo.

There is now a brand new pink logo.  Do you like it?  I’ve heard some people say they don’t like it as much. I think it’s just different.


~ #5.  Order of Instagram posts in feed has changed.

Instagram posts used to be time stamped and you would see posts in order they show up meaning if someone posted at 7:00 am, it might not be seen after that.  Instgram now shares posts in an order they feel would be of most benefit to YOU.  You will see what is most important to you, FIRST.

~ #6. Instagram Stories –

Now, similar to snpachat,  you can share your stories to your Instagram platform.


~ #7. Promoted Posts –

You can  now promote your posts on Instagram. Promote is like the boost feature on Facebook accept you can do it for what you post on Instagram.

I’ve only covered 7 or so new things about Instagram but could there be more?

If you’d like to learn the most up to date tactics, strategies and resources for Instagram (BEST Apps to use, etc) check out the banner below

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So what exactly is the Instagram Success recipe: What should you focus on?

There are 3 Main ingredients to you having success on Instagram.

  1. Captivating Bio:

    If you really want to get results and leads, you must have a good BIO.  Unfortunately MANY don’t have any idea of what that means. Probably the most blatant error many people make is that they don’t even have a link to an offer. No blog, no website, nothing.

    The Best thing you can do is at least have a capture page where you give away something of value for the exchange of an email.
    Make it an enticing offer and keep it free. Why free?  You are asking for their info (email) so give them LOTS Of value in return

2. Content with a Call To Action

 Obviously, you must have some content (posts) on your Instagram.  Have you ever gone to someones Instagram profile and there isn’t anything there?  Do you feel like connecting, are you excited to follow someone with nothing on their profile?   Not likely

It’s ok to occasionally have a sales type post, but very rarely tell them to go opt in and try to sell something (1-2 times a week). Save those times for when doing a webinar or training

For the most part, provide lots of value, quotes, social proof, motivational things , entrepreneurial quotes, Instagram tips, invite to webinars or  wake up calls, or share new things.


You must get followers and one of the best ways to do that is to engage and comment and like on posts of others.  Be sure to mention them in the comment you leave, (open comments and press and HOLD and it will put their name in)



1. One thing to note, Instagram is now cutting off first sentence and the “more” is very light so many don’t even know to click more. You want to be sure you have your Call To Action (CTA) at the very top of your description. (**very first and most important thing to do**)
2. Always be directing to bio – “@reginafloyd (example for my own Instagram name) .  You can even put “Tap Here @Yourname” and they are sent to your bio and this makes it even easier for your visitor.

3. Always put your website or some type of watermark on your images

4. Consider setting  up another account for webinars so you don’t have to change out bio in regular account.

If you’d like to stay up to date on all the changes happening online when knowing how to market your business effectively, join me each and every Wednesday for a Free Webinar where industry leaders share their secrets

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If you have questions, feel free to contact me and let me know. I’m happy to get you the answers you seek.

To Your Success,

regina floyd






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2 thoughts on “What's New With Instagram?”

  1. Do you recommend having more than one Instagram account if one has two main kinds of offers that goes to two different audiences? Just curious! I’m at @bethbarany on IG and market both my writing services/courses and also my fiction. I mostly keep my feed experiential and not sales. I want to build connections and community above all. Thanks for your tips!

    1. Hey Beth. I have created more than one account but find I’m challenged in keeping them both updated. I’ve heard several schools of thought here. If your audiences are very different then yes, you’d most likely want different accounts. I used to have lead magnets on my Instagram in the bio (link)area and would change them out with various promotions but recently went back to putting my blog url in there so that people could come to the blog and pick and choose what they were looking for. This is one reason I really want to clean up my blog and offer more value. On Instagram, I post a lot of lifestyle and Kauai stuff but occasionally, will share something business related. One strategy I heard is to create a business related IG account and when posting for business, link to that IG account. For example, you are sharing about a live webinar training and you @yourbusinesspagename for them to get more info. When they go to that page, the bio has your business links, etc. Hope that helps. I have some great free Instagram training that clarifies what I’m trying to explain here 🙂

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