The Discourse of Online Consumer Reviews

What is the Discourse of Online Consumer Reviews?

The Discourse of Online Reviews is the first book to provide an account of the discursive, pragmatic and rhetorical features of this rapidly growing form of technologically-mediated communication.

What are an online consumer reviews?

Online Consumer reviews: A consumer’s opinion and/or experience of a product, service or business.

Reviews can be found on specialist websites and on the websites of many retailers, retail platforms, booking agents, and trusted trader schemes (schemes helping consumers to select a trader).

The book examines group of over 1,000 online consumer reviews, Camilla Vásquez explores many of the discourse features that are characteristic of this new, user-generated, computer-mediated and primarily text-based genre.

She investigates the language used by reviewers as they forge connections with their audiences to draw them into their stories, as they construct their expertise and authority on various subjects and as they evaluate and assess their consumer experiences.

She also demonstrates how reviewers display their awareness about emerging conventions of the very genre in which they are participating.

This book adopts an eclectic approach to the analysis of discourse, and explores topics such as evaluation, identity and inter-textuality as they occur in online reviews of hotels, restaurants, recipes, films and other consumer products.

“This is a must read for marketing communication scholars and marketing practitioners.

Vásquez has produced the first comprehensive examination of how language in online reviews reveals the nature of reviewers’ experiences with products and services, their identities, and even their interactions with and impacts on other readers of online reviews.

Bravo to Vásquez for producing a seminal work on the discourse of online reviews.” ―
Peter Cardon, Associate Professor, Center for Management Communication at the University of Southern California, USA

Why should you even care about this book?

Online Consumer Reviews (customer reviews) play a huge part in the success of a business.  In today’s online word, more people are very comfortable reviewing a business and leaving very detailed descriptions of their experience with a business.

Do you need to read this book?  Sure, why not if you have time and the price doesn’t scare you,  it may shed a lot of light into consumer reviews, how and why they are made, and how they affect your business.

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