Prospecting: How To Master The Flow and Build Business

I don’t know about you, but for many years “prospecting” was a bad word.

I wanted to build a business but I didn’t want to talk to people. Pretty funny right?

Business is about relationships and we must build rapport and talk to people to have any kind of relationship. The following information I’ll share are some tips I learned about how to master the flow of prospecting so that you actually build realtionships, enhance friendships as you build your business.

~1. Reaching out to people on Facebook (or any other method you choose)

Make your message personal.  I can’t tell you how many business opportunities I’ve been in where “scripts” were provided for prospecting.  There are great scripts but they seem so very unnatural to me.  Most of the time, the way things were written is NO where near how I would speak in real life.

Now don’t get me wrong, if you enjoy and rely on scripts for your business, there is nothing wrong with it. I just find it very difficult to be genuine and be myself when reading one, even when I try to modify it to fit me.


The ABC’s (Always be Closing) no longer cut it in 21st century business.  You now effectively build business by ABH – Always be helping (more about that later)

Instead of a sterile and stunted type of message, consider using a more natural personal message.  Consider some ways you could personalize a message to the person you are chatting with.

  1. look at their profile and see where they are from
  2. determine any things you may have in common (single mom, dog owners, Broncos fan)
  3. create a message that could ONLY be for that person and not something shared with millions of others.
  4. be genuine. Don’t say you like something or enjoy something if you don’t
  5. make a friend


~2. ABH – Always be helping

If you used the 5 strategies I just mentioned, do you think you might actually be making a friend with someone you were chatting?  Consider how you would act if you were at a cocktail party and mingling with others.  Would you ask questions to get to know them more.

Above all else, remember, you are talking to a REAL person so you goal is to get to know them, build rapport and by doing so, you’ll eventually earn trust and credibility.

As you are getting to know someone, actively engaging with them, learning about them, a door might open where you can be of value with your product and/or service.  This is one reason I personally LOVE MLSP because no matter what business a person is building, I KNOW without a doubt I can be of value.

There are so many ways you can be of value to a person depending on what your product or service is.  I’ll have to go deeper in another post. Be sure to check out #5 below and see how to proceed.


~ 3. {TIP} Don’t use your company name in your conversation

Spewing a company name = pitch mode!

When you see , or say , someones company name, that immediately puts them into pitch mode. They know you are there to sell them something AND, you’ve basically given them permission to pitch you.  After all, you have shown interest in their business and rarely is this going to be a person that can be flipped.

Being pitched:  if you’ve been marketing online for any amount of time, you’ve likely had this happen to you.  Remember any chat message by a person where they came right out of the gate talking about your business or theirs.  No small talk, no questions, not even a “how are you today?”

Think about what you were thinking or how you felt when you saw that.

DON’T DO THIS: (example and names have been changed to protect the innocent)

Hi Lou, thanks for the friend request! I see you are with Young Living Essential Oils. How is that going for you? How long have you been in
the Network mar industry?

You’ve have just opened them up to promote their business, prospect you and stand firm in not being open to ANYTHING else you have to say


” Thanks for the add! Guess what? I’m in New!!! I love seeing that I have FB friends that aren’t a million miles away. I found you through Jen Green. She reposted one of your videos and you are fun to watch! Is your step son like 5? You look too young to have an adult son’  (obviously names, locations, etc are tailored to you and the convo.)


~ 4. What to do when someone is prospecting you?

If you are anything like me, you get these messages almost daily. So what do you do when someone just pitches you without even so much as a hey, how ya doing?


“well thank you for thinking of me, I’m so laser focused on my own business as its absolutey exploding, I couldn’t even think of taking on anything else right now”

If they haven’t gone through your timeline, they will now because you’ve peaked their interest and this is where they will see your awesome content.  The posts and content you put on your profile is what gives them the impression you are doing well.

THEN>…ask something NOT business related.

Continue to chit chat, ask some questions, write their name down in book and go back month later to chat again and continue to build rapport. Prospecting is not a one time, you’re done type of thing.


At some point in the prospecting conversation, you’ve identified a pain and you’ll offer to help and you want to get them on some kind of face to face. Phone call, Skype, or Facebook.  Suggesting you chat on a facebook call is great because you don’t have to ask for their phone # which puts some people on guard.

Suggest a short 5 minute call so they know up front it wont be long. This shows you are busy and also gives you a way to end the call if things get drawn out.

What happens when you find their pain and they admit they are struggling?

~ fastest way to find your prospects pain…share yours
~ feel, felt , found ( I was there, you are where I was X week, months, years ago)
~ share yourself – you must share yourself…otherwise its very sterile and they will feel they know you
~ share your story – you have one… even if you don’t think you do…
~ the are a person, not a number –  be warm,be genuine, be a friend
~ ask:  what their job is and if they like it?
~ ask if they are hoping to be able to grow their biz enough so that they can stay at home with their kids
~ ask: how long do you think it will be before you can quit your job?  This is a great segway into asking them if they’d like you to show them a shortcut to the learning curve


Helpful HINTS:

  1. If a person answers short, they know you are going in for the kill
  2. if he or she is happy with their business, don’t promote your business, but promote something like MLSP instead. Give them value
  3. listen to the prospects answers.  What they say tells you what to ask or say next, and tell you where to take the conversation
  4. Not listening or are too busy thinking about what you can say next to this person means you miss the golden opportunities to present your offer
  5. slow down and listen to their answers….this is how you will grow your business.
  6.  Tailor questions to the person. PARENTS: are you hoping to quit your job so you can stay home with your kids?
  7. Listen to their answer as it will tell you what to say next
  8. Use/Create video in your marketing  – you want to be seen as the authority figure.
  9. Provide value to your target market
  10. Brand YOU, not your company or product.  There is ONLY one you – people will like you, some wont.
  11. Find and join local groups (Facebook) There is an automatic bond you have with people that live where you do.

    Plant the seed, find the need, fill the need!






I hope you have found some value here when it comes to prospecting and mastering the flow. If you have questions or comments, please leave them below and I look forward to sharing with you again soon on my next post.

ps. Let me know if there is a specific topic you’d like to know more about or view my Services Here. 


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