How To Syndicate Your Videos For Free

How to syndicate your Youtube videos for free |

You know how important video marketing is for your business, You have created, or are creating videos, now we talk about how to syndicate your videos for free.

Now it is time to share those video and “syndicate” (share) them.  This video and post will give you some free ways to do just that.

In this video, JoAnne shares some top free and simple ways to share your video marketing content to get maximum exposure. If you are creating videos on youtube and not paying to get them in front of your target market than free video syndication strategies will be critical to your success.

JoAnne recommends the following sites as locations to syndicate your video.
~ Facebook – share to your profile and your Facebook Page
~ LinkedIN- sharing on your private or business page and also in relevant facebook groups
~ Stumbleupon
~ Google Plus

Top 3 sites for you to use to syndicate your videos.

How To Syndicate Video For Free

1) If This Then That –  – you can join for free and you can determine what function happens when you do a specific action. This is very easy and quick to find applets to use for syndication of your Youtube video.  You’ll love this. Be sure to check out “SEO_Skye’s” applets and videos

2) IBO Tool Box – add your videos quickly and for free.  You can add numerous videos, change the title, and add links for what ever you might be promoting. Be sure to add your keywords as well. Maximize with 5 words or phrases.

3) Sites To Post Videos To Drive More Views
a. Youtube – right on Youtube, you can choose the “share” button and get your video exposed to several sites like Stumble Upon, G+, etc.  If sharing to Linkedin and Facebook, be sure to share not only to your profile and business page, but also share to relevant groups where your content ads value.

b. Bizsugar:

c. Scoop it:

d. Inbound:

Now you are set and ready to share your video in many different areas on the internet.  Be sure to use of free video seo tools such as TubeBuddy: to optimize your video even further.

Please let me know in the comment below if you have found this curated blog post useful.  I would really love to know which tip you found most useful for sharing your videos. Questions about this post or how to get your own video for marketing of your business, Contact Me.

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