How To Create Great Content: The 5 Things to Ask Yourself Each Time You Create Something

How To Create Great Content

Have you ever asked yourself how to create great content what makes something the best content people want to read? When you create any kind of content online, you want it to work right?   You want it to make sense to the reader so that they will take a particular action you ask them to take.

What makes you stand out above all the other noise and sales pitches out there?

In this post I share 5 questions to ask yourself each time you create new content.  


  1. What keeps them awake at night? 
  2. What are they Afraid of?
  3. What are they Angry About?
  4. What are thir top daily Frustrations? 
  5. What are their dreams, desires, and goals?


One of the best ways to  understand your target audience is to put yourself in your prospects shoes. Ask yourself, WIIFM?


What’s In It For Me?

Does your offer fulfill a need or solve a problem for your prospect?

One of the most effective things you can do is to enter the conversation that is already happening in their mind.  Do your best to imagine what your prospect is doing and thinking at the exact moment they see your post/video/ad.

~ Find the pain,
~ twist the knife
~ offer the cure,

Sell the CURE, not the drug

in their shoes

Putting yourself in their shoes

What is your target audience/client thinking about when they are logging into the social media platform you are posting on.  What are they about to do?

For example… when they log into Facebook, are they thinking

….my posts aren’t getting any views
….I’m posting like I”m supposed to but only have 50 followers
….I’ve used hashtags they told me to but they aren’t working
….people are un-following me
….my page isn’t getting any views

When you understand what they may be saying to themselves as they navigate their business marketing, you will easily know what to talk about to help solve their problem and ease their pain.

NOTE: tell them what the benefit is of what you do…., not what the thing is.  For example, if you sell weight loss shakes, explain the benefits to them as they drink and enjoy the shakes. No need to focus on every intricate detail of what ingredients are included.  Some people will want to know, most want to know WIIFM (what’s in it for me). What will it do for me.

If you have not been marketing this way. I encourage you to give it try and learn how to create great content and let me know how things begin to change for you.

To Your success,

Regina L Floyd
Online Business Developer/ Local Online Marketing Services
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