How To Create, Connect and Convert Using Instagram

How To Connect On Instagram

Could Instagram be your secret to building a successful business online? Would you want to know how?
In this blog post, I share how you can create, connect and convert using Instagram.

10 Daily Instagram Steps to Build & Grow Your Business

I don’t know about you, but this was VERY appealing.  I LOVE being online and playing on social media but I’ve really been looking at ways to streamline the process of creating and attracting business.  I hope you’ll love these 10 easy steps as much as I did

Before I get into the steps, though, I want to talk about what your goals for Instagram should be.  Like anything else we do in life, you have to have some specific outcomes you want to achieve. Online marketing is no different.

Goal:  Create and posts content that helps you connect with your target audience (new and existing).  The point is to build an audience

Goal:  Let people know where they can find you, where do you hang out and spend your time. (engaging with your audience)

Goal:  Connect and let people get to know, like and trust you and eventually buy from you (close the sale)

Why Instagram:  Keep Reading for the 10 Steps

Instagram is not about posting pictures of your products or quotes over scenic landscapes and playing with apps, it’s filling holes of your Brand Story.  You are you are communicating who you are:  what your values, your passions, and the things that matter in your life, as well as things that matter to the people that matter to you.

There are some Instagram Basics that must be covered and I offer more basis training in this area if you need it. For the time being:

  • Have a strong user name.  Many people and leaders in the industry use their name (think branding)
  • Good Profile Picture. Should go without saying, a clean clear picture of YOU.
  • Killer Bio: Think what is going to appeal to my audience and keep them reading
  • Strong Call To Action:  people won’t know what to do unless you tell them
  • Clickable link in your bio: one leading to your website or capture page
  • Set your account to public.  Keeping it private and secret is not going to build your business

Your #1 goal is to connect with people and give them something of value to build your list. Once you’ve got these basics down, you can move on to the 10 steps you find below.

10 STEPS to Build Business With Instagram

STEP 1.  Post great content 1-3 times a day max

  • post great photos – clear, strong, not grainy
  • make sure your top 9 photos give a snapshot of your account and who you are, what you’re about
  • plan out your content ahead of time with scheduling apps like ( Planoly,, or hootsuite, coschedule)
  • be intentional with your posts (you don’t have to always post in real time)
  • be consistent

Once you’ve got these basic things down, ask yourself these questions when you are planning your content.

1. When people come to my account, how do I want them to feel?
2. what do I want my account to stand for when people see it?
3. why are people following me?
4. why do they care?
5. who is this post serving?
6. how can my profile share more than just my work?

Instagram is a snapshot of your voice in a visual way that the world gets to see. Let them get to see and know YOU

STEP 2. Make sure you have a well written caption in your post with a simple call to action.  If you are just posting a picture and some hashtags with no caption, you are missing out on a prime area to share yourself.

Captions serve as invitations and they tell the backstory.  The idea is to turn your interests & values into good quality content that adds value to the life of your audience and allows people to know and feel your core values.

STEP 3.  Be sure to place hashtags in posts.

When ever you post anything to Instagram, be sure to add hashtags to ALL your posts.  The key is what you add, how you add them and how many.  There REALLY is a purpose to Hashtags. (you can learn more here about why Hashtag)

NINJA TIP:   You want to add 2-3 hashtags to the main caption that relates to the post (have fun here – things that relate to your picture or what you said). Then, add the remaining 27 (you can have up to 30 hashtags on Instagram) in 2nd caption/comment below the post.  NOTE: these hashtags are the ones you want to be found for.

STEP 4.  Connect and engage with people and use their name.  Be sure to respond and reply to comments on your post and use @username but be sure to add their actual name too.

STEP 5. 3 likes 1 comments daily.

Take the time to connect with people in your niche by going and liking 3 of their images and comment on 1. You want to do this for 10-20 accounts minimum each and every day on Instagram.  People notice and Reciprocity is HUGE.

STEP 6. Instagram Stories:  Stories allow you to record live video or take photos with your smartphone and add them to a story that lasts for only 24 hours.  There are some really awesome strategies to use in this area.

One strategy:  Those people you mention will get a notification when you @mention them.  This is great for networking with influencer and potential clients and is  POWERFUL!  For example, @mention will direct your audience either back to your own profile when you @mention yourself or you can @ mention another persons profile.

If you are hosting a hangout or webinar, and have link in your bio… @mention yourself and tell them they can go to your bio to find link to sign up, ec.

STEP 7.  Give Next Day Love
This is a huge strategy that will take a little bit of time but it makes a HUGE difference.  You simply go back the next day to ALL the people that liked your image and you like their first photo on their Instagram profile.

and YES, if you get 454 likes on a picture you posted, you will be going to all 454 people to like their first image. Just spread it out through the day to go give these people some love for love.

STEP 8. On occasion you may want to promote your post on fb profile or fanpage for more visibility and invite people to come back to your post on Instagram where you can engage wit them.

STEP 9.  Participate in other peoples posts
Each and every day, take the time to go to 10-15 accounts and leave a comment in their thread.  This can be doing what they ask you do (leave an emoji, hashtag, etc).  Just be human and have fun.

STEP 10. – Go LIVE on Instagram.

Go Live and share something of value with your audience. These can be an incredible way to connect with people and are the #1 way to get exposure to your account if you use them appropriately

Good Tip:  Before going live to share something, ask yourself: is this something my ideal audience would search for?

So there you have it. I hope you’ve enjoyed these easy 10 steps to Creating, Connecting and Converting on Instagram.

You can  contact me directly and Id be happy to share some other free training with you.

To Your Success,

Check out my services and let me know how I can help you. 

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