Facebook Live: 9 Tips To Crush It!

Facebook Live is here and has taken over Facebook.

What is Facebook Live and why should you use it? If you’ve been marketing for any amount of time online, you know that Facebook is king .  There are simply Billions of people on Facebook, all over the world, and now there is a tool now looking to put Twitter out of the picture.

Simple put, Facebook (and now Facebook Live) is one of the most powerful tools and part of the most powerful social experiment ever!

Using this very simple tool in your business could drive more leads and engagement to your business.

Hard Cold Truth About Facebook Video:

Facebook is no longer serving up recorded videos as much as they use to They want to promote Facebook Live and the LIVE experience to their useres and they are looking to get people off
periscope, twitter, youtube, you name it.

In case you didn’t know, Facebook does NOT like when you take a viewer off of Facebook (think Youtube Video link) to look at something and they don’t promote your content well (if at all) if you do this all the time.

The Agile Marketer knows: you must move quickly, you must adjust quickly, and you adjust on the fly. You adjust by using tools and resources that come up and you do so quickly. Facebook Live is NO different.

Before I go into the 9 tips on how to use Facebook Live to Crush it, lets review what you need to best pull this off.

What you need:

I for one realized I wasn’t doing this Facebook Live thing well at all.  Here’s why.

To maximize the effect of your live stream, you really need to be prepared.
You need:
it’s ok if you don’t have another device, but I’ll be sharing some strategies below that will show you why it would help a lot.

9 Tips To Crush I using Facebook Live!

Tip#1: Pick a good spot with good connection

This might seem obvious but if you don’t focus on this, you could end up in the middle of a livestream and suddenly realize, you don’t have a good enough signal. Nothing worse than being midstream giving good content and value, only to learn you’ve been disconnected.

BONUS: Here is a helpful tool you can look into for for broadcasting. OBSproject.com (((TOOL)))
This is an open broadcaster software.

Tip #2:  Let people know you are going live .

If you don’t have set time you go live daily, then you must let people know in advance. At least 30 minutes to an hour prior.

You can also encourage engagement by asking for something.  For example.

In MLSP, we have campaigns we can share and I know I have a 22 page pdf on Facebook Ads

[mlsp-cta campaign=”bizbuildermasteryorg” popup=”false” layout=”standard” align=”left”]

I can then leverage this campaign and free pdf by saying :

” I’m going live in 30 minutes and will reveal how you can get a 22 page pdf on how to get leads i


“If I get 25 likes (or comments) I’ll go live and share how you can get a 22 page pdf on Facebook ads. Comment below if you want me to go live at 1pm”

When you do this, be sure to ALWAYS share you are going live on your Fan (business) Page.  You may want to create a pretty link for your fan page
(pretty link is another feature available through MLSP SITES)

Tip #3. when promote facebook live, promote fan page

I think I covered this well in the tip above, but the goal is to also build up your fan page at the same time.  It seems that doing it initially on your profile gets better results but you don’t want to leave your page out.

Tip #4.  Create a picture that you like for your FB LIVE

We humans are visual creatures and you’ll do much better if you create a nice image for your Facebook Live Event.  There are many great free resources like Pexels.com to help you create beautiful custom images without copywrite issues.

Tip #5. Pick a good time

Timing is everything!  The best thing you can do is pick a time to go live daily, weekly, etc and stick to that. Your followers will come to learn exactly when you are going to be on and it also creates some accountability for you – knowing 100 people are waiting for you to go live makes sure you show up.

You might want to find and watch others in your industry or niche and see what’s working for them. Or, simply start and gauge your engagment and participation. Remember, it may take a little bit for your audience to find you, decide if they like you and start following you regularly.

Tip #6. Be Consistent

This is simple. Let people know when you are going live it will help. You also want to be emailing your list.

For example: “I’m gong to be here at this time, or I’ll be live at 12:30 and I’ll answer your questions live if you have one”

This helps people know when and where to find you AND it helps you be accountable

( this strategy of answering questions works well: people want to show up because they are getting questions answered)

Tip #7. Create a catchy TITLE –

Truth is.. people are busy and if you don’t catch them with a good attention getting Title, they may not even stop what they are doing to see what you are doing.

You never want to just go live without any title, it will crush your engagement.  Create your title, use emojis, think about what your audience sees and make it appealing.


Tip # 8. Record your live sessions –

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time to keep repeating my work.  This is how you leverage what you are doing in a big way.

If you have a daily show or broadcast that you do, leverage that content. This is where the laptop comes in.   For example, you could be looking at ipad, recording with laptop, then turn into blog posts. Because you are recording (on to Youtube or Vimeo) you now have a video to use as content as well.  As soon as you are done with your live session, optimize your Live Post so it can be seen and searched.

Remember: you want to broadcast on your fan page.

Tip #9. boosting posts –

Bonus Tip:  If you get LOTS of engagement, run a facebook ad to a bigger audience. You do this with posts with lots of organic engagement ( the ones that got good engagement organically first)

I don’t have time to dig deep into this, but you can see the banner above in this post to learn more about how to create ads on Facebook.

So there you have it, I’ve shared 9 basic tips on how you can crush it when using Facebook Live to provide value to others.

How To Go Farther down the Rabbit Hole in Facebook Live Marketing

Obviously, I’ve only touched the surface on how to use this tool best. I may continue this in a 2nd blog post, but if you are like me and you don’t like waiting, I encourage you to give up $10 for 10 days and get access to the training where all of these secrets are divulged.

[mlsp-cta campaign=”bizbuildermasterynet” popup=”false” layout=”standard” align=”left”]

In this training we go deeper on How & When:

~  your Live Broadcast works: the nuts and bolts of how to start, what to say, and how to get your brand out there.
~  to go into your content and how to let recording viewers know where the content starts
~  to hook your audience so they stay and letting them know when the good stuff begins
~ What to do if you want to trim the video or can’t letting your viewers know when to really tune in
~ to let your viewers know how to share your Live Session
~ to share in groups (while your live) to increase engagement (you’ll see some great group examples here)
~ to stay on track and on topic to respect your viewers time
~ to find copy and content if you have NO idea what to talk about (think trending topics)
~ How long to make your live session so you don’t lose people
~ to post your offer in various ways catering to various audiences ( Warm, Cold and Very hot)
~ and so much more

As you can see, I’d be writing a book if I kept going

so, please, leave a comment if you enjoyed this training re cap, ask a question if you have one and I look forward to seeing you on the next post.

To Your Success,

regina floyd


ps. Please feel free to Contact Me directly if you’re not comfortable posting your question in the comments. I look forward to serving you.


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