Facebook Ads Marketing: 5 Tips On How To Use It

Have you ever spent $$ on Facebook ads and ended up with nothing more than the bill?

I’ve attempted to understand the best way to use Facebook ads and have been able to get some likes, and post views, but ultimately, not the result I really want.

In this post, I’ll be sharing some tips and tricks I learned on a training and offer you a Cheat Sheet on Facebook Ads if you want to know more

Facebook Marketing Facebook ADs training by Jamie Jamison

Experience Not Required

One thing you need to know up front, you don’t have to be a guru in facebook advertising to be able to use the ads feature in Facebook.

Here are some basic things Jessie shared on how using this form of marketing can be very beneficial


~>1. You can Find Your Tribe… find the people that want what you have to offer.  If you’ve sold ANYthing online or off, you know how awful it is to try and chase people down and they have NO interest in what you are doing.   A big key to being successful here is being authentic, be yourself.  The internet is starved for authenticity and you are sure to stand out.

~>2. You can engage your tribe … In case you didn’t know, the first time a customer, client, prospect engages with your content, there likely won’t  be enough rapport to end in a sale. Studies have shown that most times, at least 7 “touches” are needed.

~>3.  By using Facebook ads, you can create instant traffic to website or offers.  Need I say more here.  Instead of waiting weeks, months, and years, you can generated traffic almost immediately.

~>4.  You can use facebook to target the visitors of your website.  This is done via custom audiences.  You simply create an audience of people that have visited your website and are also on Facebook and now you have a custom targeted group of people interested in what you have to offer.   This gets even more excited in my opinion, you can create “look alike Audiences” that resemble the people that have already visited your website.

~>5. generate leads for your business using Facebook Ads.  During this training I attended, Jessie shared exactly how to used ads for lead generation and then how to post those ads on Facebook pages to new visitors to your page see the ad and opt in.

facebook ads q&a

So now that we had some time to sit with this, Jessie then started answer questions from the audience.  The following is a sample of questions he answered.


~>1. How big should your target audience be?

This answer blew my mind. Did you know…when you create a look like audience, the smallest you can create is 2 million people!!!   That is what Facebook does, it takes a percentage of total members and your audience isn’t any less thatn 2 million people.

~>2. How do you market an MLSP campaign?

If you are not already a member of MLSP, this won’t make sense.  MLSP offers campaigns that affiliates can use for lead generation by givine away INCREDIBLE training in exchange for an email.  This question was about how to use ads to maximize these campaigns.

Jessie had great advice here and this applies to anything you might be promoting.  Instead of sending someone right to an offer, capture page, etc. send them to a blog post and in that blog post you can answer the questions the prospect is having in their head, then you send them to the offer if they are looking for more in depth info.

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~>3. What are the things that trigger spam type alerts in FB?

Facebook has about 3 millions advertisers so there is a LOT to go through but they have “bots” that go out and look for things that are flagged. Things being words, phrases, organizations, etc.  Jessie showed us a pdf that listed typical spam like phrases.  You can Google this and see them for yourself.

~>4. How do you find your targeted market for health & wellness product?

Jessie has a company of his own where he helps people optimize their marketing and reach.  He told us how he look sat all the big players in his clients space (health and wellness, fitness, etc)
He looks at the following:
~ Social property
~ What conversations are they driving in social media
~ how is their market responding to what they are doing

Basically you see how the thing you want to market is already being marketed now, and see what content is market responding too.  You will want to follow pages doing well that post consistently.

~>5. How do I narrow down and target?

Jessie shared how one of the best things you can is split test.  You create ad sets and narrow your targeting .  On the far right hand side, ads manager.
For example, split up your ad sets based on interest, or ad set per page targeted.  Maybe you can change out the image, or change the call to action, etc.
ad set per page targeted


Note:  people are responding to content that looks less like an ad  as well and the example he showed us was an ad that more resembled a personal post on a profile than it did an ad.

Another example he shared was to create an ad leading up to a weekly webinar and then let it sit.

This training was an exceptional training that went about 2.5 hours long.  Some of it got very technical, but overall, it was very informative.

In order to get access to that training, you had to be a visitor or an affiliate, however, you can test drive the system AND be able to access this Incredible Training done on August 31, 2016.  Scroll back up and click the banner above.  .  (( be sure to register for next weeks training HERE- there’s no cost))


If nothing ELSE, you can access this training and a few others and it only cost you $10. Trust me, this training alone was worth $100 bucks if you want to know how to build your business using Facebook Ads.

I’m happy to share the following cheat sheet that should at least wet your whistle and get you started on your way.




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