EMAIL MARKETING 101: How to Get More Sales , Even If You Already Know How to Send Emails

Fundamentals of Email Marketing: Part 1 of 2

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you some basic fundamentals to marketing online and specifically how to use email marketing.

66% of people made a purchase via email ~ Aweber

What if there was a way to not only get more sales for your business, but a way to do so with ease, simply by increasing your open and click through rates on emails you send to your list?

Would you want to know how to best use the power of email marketing?

Email Marketing Fundamentals: Markets

To begin with, there are 2 kinds of markets when marketing in general and this also pertains to your email marketing

  1. warm market – people that you know or feel that they know you.
  2. Cold Market – people that don’t know you yet

You can take cold market, warm them up and get them to be warm market simply by maintaining contact and writing to your list.

Email Marketing Fundamentals: Basic Set up

In the basic set up of your email marketing strategy, you are going to want to make sure you have a few critical components. One of which is an Autoresponder

Autoresponder  – Most Important Tool you can have. Here are some commonly used ones.
a. Aweber – long standing company, great for beginners
b. Get Response –  easy to use and great for marketer
c. Infusion soft – for more advanced (and costs more)

This is probably the one tool you don’t want to run your business without and most of these have chat help/ support so even if you aren’t familiar with them and how they work, you can get help.

Aweber offers this free Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing to help you navigate their platform.

Its the LAW:  When you set up your autoresponder, make sure you have an actual address in your settings. By law in US, there must be an address for you.

Set up your signature file:  important because you must have disclaimers on your emails that let people know that part of your email is an advertisement and letting them know that if they click and buy something you will earn commissions. You also want to mention that any results you talk about are NOT typical.

Here’s a great site to help you with samples and tells you about the laws for various countries

If you need some help doing this, Contact me directly 

Email Marketing Fundamentals: Types of Letters

There are many types of letters (emails) to keep people engaged with you on your list. Here I will cover just a couple of basic ones. I’ll share more details and specifics on this in my next blog post.

~1. Invite letter – to a webinar, or hangout, letting them know about what’s going on
~2. Love Letter – be authentic and share more of your story – sharing struggles, challenges and wins.

When you talk about a common, human experience, others feel closer to you (especially if they’ve had the experience). Everyone knows what it’s like kind of experience are some good ones to share. We all experience them. When you evoke emotion in the people, it causes them to reach out to you.  Once they are connected, when you invite them to something, the guard is down.

~ 3. New Creations letter – new blog post, or new content
This is where you share something you created.

You can also curate someone else’s content that you think is helpful.
1.  Content created by your company. For example, mine has some great content you can curate with at least 90 days of stuff to share while you are writing up your own
a. Ted Talks, etc. just be sure to credit author

~4. Edification letter – talking about the achievements of others in your company. This is a perfect way to share success with people even if you haven’t had any of your own (YET)

Email Marketing letters are building blocks and you can even combine them…edification and invite for example.   Here is a sample of letters you could send out over a week.

  1. story about your dog and come to webinar
  2. here’ s a new blog post
  3. share a fb live at 2
  4. telling a story
  5. curate someone else’s content
  6. love letter  – thanking people for being part of list and appreciate them
  7. have you seen this…

Email Marketing Fundamentals: CRM _ Customer Relationship Manager

A CRM is not like an autoresponder (AR).  Your AR lets you send an email out to 500 people to give them some info.

A CRM is designed to maintain relationship with a customer (one person at a time). This is how you also keep track of information you learn about them as you get to know them.
~  what they like
~  what they do
~  where they live
~  send individual email or set up follow ups

Email Marketing Fundamentals: Conclusion

I have only touched on a few basics in this article about email marketing. Although it is NOT rocket science, there are things you must know to maximize your effort and truly build a list that will follow you and ultimately buy from you.

If you’ve like what you’ve read here….

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Here’s the truth:  you can’t just write to people when you want money.  If you write to them all the time following some of these easy example,  it’s easier when you do want money and you have something to sell.

Are you skilled enough to keep people reading your emails??

Having a list of people responsive to you and being able to earn a major income in 15 minutes a day is how you can still function and make significant income.




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