Content Marketing With Video

Content Marketing With Video

Content marketing (and video marketing) is so important for your brand and your website. People want to get to know your brand, your values, and your products. What better way to communicate than with video?

But first,

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online.[1] It is often used by businesses in order to:

  • Attract attention and generate leads
  • Expand their customer base
  • Generate or increase online sales
  • Increase brand awareness or credibility
  • Engage an online community of users

Content marketing attracts prospects and transforms prospects into customers by creating and sharing valuable free content. Content marketing helps companies create sustainable brand loyalty, provides valuable information to consumers, and creates a willingness to purchase products from the company in the future. This relatively new form of marketing does not involve direct sales. Instead, it builds trust and rapport with the audience.[2]

Unlike other forms of online marketing, content marketing relies on anticipating and meeting an existing customer need for information, as opposed to creating demand for a new need (wikipedia)

Why is Content Marketing Important?


Why Content Marketing Matters to Consumers

Todays prospects have a strong appetite for good information but more powerful resistance to the so-calledhard sell.” Most of us research products and services online before making a purchase. We study different cars, comparing prices and features, before ever setting foot in a dealership. Even grocery shoppers use mobile phones to compare prices and deals.

People want good content that helps them make good decisions, but they dont like being sold. Consumers are less responsive to traditional advertising and old-school sales tactics, and this is true for both B2C and B2B customers. According to one study, 70% of consumers prefer to learn about companies through articles instead of advertising


70% of consumers prefer to learn about companies through articles instead of advertising.

What Does Video Have To Do With It?

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Easiest way to explain is to just share the following 10 Reasons Why Video Belongs In Your Marketing (

Here are 10 reasons why organizations should include video in content marketing plans

1Improved SEO

First off, utilizing video in content marketing efforts will no doubt improve your SEO. In fact, according to Comscore, adding a video to your website can increase the chance of a front page Google result by 53 times.

Of course, thats when you do it right. Want to learn more about how to properly optimize your videos for search? Check out these tips from Moz CEO Rand Fishkin.

2. Stronger Consumer Attention

Video have been proven to demand more consumer attention than any other medium. And while were in the midst of what some might call a content-overload for consumerscapturing attention is key.

The attention economy is not growing, which means we have to grab the attention that someone else has today.” –Brent Leary, Co-Founder, CRM Essentials

3Higher Engagement

Weve heard over and over that visual content is the key to great engagement. Video is no exception. So when youre considering what types of posts to schedule on social networks in the coming weeks, think video: audiences are about 10 times more likely to engage, embed, share, and comment on video content than blogs or related social posts.

4More Video-favored Technology

With the increased consumption of video and the resulting rise in production, technologies are leaning more and more towards favoring the video-marketer.

Consider Facebooks addition of the auto-play for example. Its hard to argue that a status update or link to an article demands as much attention as a video in your newsfeed.

5Greater Optimization Opportunities

How much of your latest blog post did readers consume? Did they re-read parts of it? Or come back to it later and read it again? Did they share it with friendsThe truth isits pretty hard to answer these questions on text-based content.

Video, on the other hand, has this feedback loop built in. Measure click-through rate, drop-off points, or number of times watched. You can even drill this down to an individual level.

It all boils down to this: the feedback loop for videos means you know whats working and whats not. Now to focus on more of the stuff thats working!

6Higher Retention Rates

65% of viewers watch more than ¾ of a video, which is more than we can say about text-based content. So if you have a message to get across (and why wouldnt you if youre creating content?), video might be the way to go.

7Better Email Click-Throughs

You slaved over that email copy for days and it contains important information for your customers! But does it resonate? Will it drive results? Will recipients even read it? Enter: video. The use of video in emails has been shown to double click-through ratesMore effective emailsYes please!

8Rise in Accessibility

While creating a video used to take many months and many thousands of dollars, the production of great video content has become much more affordable in the last few years. Companies like VideoMakerFXGoAnimate, and Sellamations make the creation of video as easy as writing a blog.

9Stronger Emotional Connections

Video is the most powerful way to evoke emotions onlineIts King because it offers a slew of attributes above and beyond traditional content like tone of voice, face expressions, and music, to name a few.

While you may not have feel the immediate need to run out and buy a product from an emotion-filled video, they will likely be at play later on in a more subtle and subconscious wayEvoking emotion in marketing has been proven to positively impact consumer decision-making, even in B2B markets.

10Increased Conversions

The number one reason for using video in your content marketing planVideo converts more customersSimple, rightRecent research shows that 71% of marketers say video conversion rates outperform other marketing contentNeed we say more? (Source)

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