How To Easily Attract Cheap Website Traffic

Cheap Website Traffic, is it actually possible?

Are you building any kind of business online and wonder how you can build it without breaking the bank to do it?  Attracting cheap website traffic to your business, product or service isn’t magic, but there are some key strategies you can use to make it happen.

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you just one online marketing strategy on how to you can get more traffic to your business using Youtube.

Youtube has become one of the most powerful methods of generating leads for business and it’s easy to do. When you know how!

Why YouTube?

Youtube is a great place to attract cheap website traffic simply because people are searching for what you have on Youtube.  Yep…people go to Youtube daily and look for things to watch.

cheap website traffic

So Why Video

If seeing the stats for Youtube hasn’t convinced you why it’s the place to get cheap website traffic, you may be wondering why video. Why must I create a video to increase website traffic.


  • easier to engage your audience and keep attention
  • adds emotion and personality to your content
  • increases credibility and authority in your niche
  • 4 times as many customers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it.
  • video will make up more than 79% of internet traffic in 2018
  • you tube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world (see stats above)
  • 64% of individuals are more likely to make a purchase after viewing a video



Here are the most common responses when people are asked why they aren’t utilizing the power of Youtube to attract more cheap website traffic.

~ shy – I’m an introvert – did you know you can create videos and your face isn’t even on them
~ technology is over my head. I can’t make fancy videos – no technology need other than your cell phone
~ no one is going to watch my videos – great time to start then, and get good at it before they do
~ people are going to judge me  – most people are too busy thinking about themselves
~ I have no idea what to talk – if you really think about it, you have something you can talk about

Lets be real here, you do have stories to tell, experiences to share, things you are learning you can teach others, and share with others, books you are reading, calls you are listening to, etc.

At the end of the day, its not about YOU. It’s about serving others and helping THEM. What you know and what you have to share is of value to others and they are waiting to hear from YOU.  If you keep this in mind, it takes ALL the pressure off.

How Do I Get Started?

I’m so glad you asked.


In order to effectively attract cheap website traffic to what you are doing, you will have to define your target audience.  You can start by asking yourself the following questions and answer them.
1. Who benefits the most from my product/service?
2. Who has the problem that I have the solution for?
3. Where do theses people hangout?  (offline and online)
4. Who do they look up to? Popular public figures, leaders, celebrities. (go to their channels and see what people come to them for and how you can model (not copy, just model) this.
5. What worries keep them up at night? ( their biggest pain points or most pressing problems)
6. Does age, gender, or other demographics play a role in your product or service?

Simple taking the time to answer these questions will give you TONS of content ideas
This is GOLD…what are these people looking for – this is why search based content is powerful!!!!

Planning with Purpose

Now that you have answered the questions above and have a much better idea of who you are going to help, it’s time to determine WHY you are creating video content.  What is your main objective, the end result you want to attain. This is how you  REVERSE ENGINEER the process. For example,

  • is your goal to generate leads, get traffic, produce sales, have people reach out to you
  • What are you going to promote? (affiliate program, blog post, ebook, your own product, a service, product launch, etc)

Now, go out there and give freely and make people feel good with the value you provide.

Remember, that in your efforts to attract cheap website traffic, you will have to research.  You want to have niche specific keywords to target.  After all, the best marketers in the world do the most market research.  I you don’t know how – you will have to educate yourself.

Cheap Website Traffic Using Keyword Research on Youtube

Now that you have an idea who you are serving, you have a plan on what you are going to create, it’s time to do some keyword niche search on Youtube using the very powerful Auto Suggestion.  In the video below, I show you in about 10 minutes how to use the auto suggestion search feature on Youtube to decide what content to create to attract more website traffic.

I barely touched the surface here on how you can get some ideas as to what content to create for people searching for answers (especially How to videos)

You can also use  google adword tool/ planner and see what people were spending on but Youtube and Google have come up with some pretty cool ways to put in a keyword like “FacebooK” and see how Youtube will populate relevant words.

Once you start doing this process, keep digging down to find the one that will work best.  Even better if you find reputable people in your industry doing so.  You can go that persons Youtube channel and see how they are doing it and model (not copy) them.

In subsequent posts I’ll be digging deeper and showing you to optimize your Youtube channel and sharing with you how I’m growing mine as I go along.

Be sure to stay tuned to see what I share next.

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To Your Success,

Regina Floyd
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