7 Secrets To Be Insanely Attractive In The Marketplace


Secrets To Being Attractive in the Marketplace

Do you know the Secret? Hopefully when you saw the title of this post, you read past “attractive” and saw marketplace.

This post is about helping you build your business lol

I was on a training recently where Diane Hochman shared the following 7 secrets and I am merely sharing them with my readers.

Keep reading and you’ll have a chance to tap into more Golden Nuggets that Diane and MANY other 7 figure earners share.

What’s a Secret You Must Know? Here are 7

For now, here they are:

Secret #1.  Speak the language of kings. 

I for one am all for being royalty.  My name in Latin means “Queen” after all (google “Regina” if you don’t believe that”)
but what does this mean to “speak the language of kings.”

Simple!  No complaining, no criticizing, no blaming others, no negativity. Behave as if you are a King or Queen.

If you’ve spent any amount of time online, you’ve seen the stuff that people share on social media platforms like Facebook, etc and might find yourself wondering what they are thinking.  Chances are, they aren’t.

You MUST monitor your words and what you say in public and this goes for all the online mediums we use to communicate today.  If you just have to spew and vent, find a good friend you can call and give it all to them.

Secret #2. Share your Lifestyle – people love lifestyle

Most people, me included, LOVE to see the lifestyles of others and that doesn’t mean just rich and famous.  I have many friends that live in other parts of the world I’ve never seen and when they share shots of oceans, sunsets, birds, bugs, flowers, I LOVE it.

People love to explore and sadly, many just can’t, so they live vicariously through you and your lifestyle so share it.

Secret #3. Put out content and LOTS of it!

If you are a marketer, network marketing, or just building a business of any kind, chances are you know what this means.  For those of you that may not, it just means create content (blog posts, articles, posts, tweets, etc) and share it, rinse and repeat.

Oh…and be sure it’s relevant content.

If you are marketing to working moms, they aren’t going to care about fixing trucks with used parts. See what I mean?

Figure out what your target audience needs and wants and what they struggle with, and create relevant content that speaks to that.

Good news is, that can be a lot of different things.

Here are some ideas for content or how to come up with some:

  • create content from anything you’ve gotten in trainings, meetings, events, conferences and give it away
  • go back to the notes you’ve taken on what ever it is that is relative to your target audience, and regurgitate those


The good news is, it doesn’t have to be your original idea. You can simply take content another has created and share it in your own words.

Secret #4 Uplift others with what you share. 

Let’s be real for a moment. The world is full of bad news, rotten things happening and all sorts of drama. Don’t be the person going around sharing that (unless of course that’s your niche)

Share things that make people better, make people feel better, let people know they aren’t alone, and things that build others up.

Secret #5 Communication must be other people focused, not about YOU!

This is a very very common mistake and I’m guilty of it myself.  I have to tell myself all the time, “it’s not about you.”

We all want to think we are the greatest thing since slice bread, but you’ve heard the saying “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

If you can become very aware of the struggles, the challenges, and problems of your audience, you will become irrisistable.  Make yourself  aware of celebrating others.  The key is to inspire others and you can do this from your own experiences.

  • For example: Ever had the experience of not having much money and wondering how you are going to pay the bills, feed your kids, and you felt hopeless?  If you can share that story, the journey you made, and how you overcame it, or what you found that will allow you to overcome it, THAT my friend is going to inspire people.

In your communications, share how what you have can help solve their (your target audience) problem. Nobody wants to be told they should get what you have, but they do want to know what’s in it for them and how it will solve their problem.

Even if you are brand spanking new, learning about your product or service, you CAN share what you want to accomplish with your business and how you plan to go about it.

Secret #6 Be Multi Channel Beings

No, I’m not talking about channeling past rockstars or traveling to other galaxies.  I’m talking about basically showing up in many places

Yes, you should have one primary channel where we have home base for you and your business. (Mine is Facebook) but you really want to make yourself  visible across all other platforms too.

Why?  Because people will begin to follow you place to place. Sort of like when you are in one store in the town where you live and you see someone, and then you see them again at the next store nearby.

When you do this, you become more familiar because they see you more in different place and familiarity is more attractive.
When you become familiar to people, you feel safer to people.

TIP: Create your profiles on multiple channels using same name if you can.

and finally,

Secret #7 BE a master inviter. (not a closer, pitch guy, etc) 

This is a simple concept really.  People do not want t be sold, but most of us LOVE to be invited. If you learn how to interact on different channels, have fun, share content,  focus on your audience (prospect), be fun, and just invite people to things, your business is going to do much better.

STOP pitching your links, buy me now posts, etc and just be you while focusing on others first.

So now you’ve read these simple by powerful Secrets to becoming insanely attractive in the marketplace

but now what!?!?!

I encourage you to click the banner you see above (NOW) and test drive the system that has provided the Secrets like the 7 I just shared.

I didn’t come up with these on my own. I was invited to attend a free training where I got to hear these tips being shared by someone who’s a success in the industry.

Even better,

I didn’t recreate anything, I simply shared with YOU what I heard on that training.  How cool is that?

Was this post of value to you?

If I shared something in this post that you found of value, please leave me a comment and let me know.  You can also ask a question if you have one or simply contact me here

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